Bad News

I want to cry. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and got back the results from the CT test I had a few weeks ago. The doctor wants me to have another "procedure" to have several rogue lymph nodes removed before they get bigger and potentially spread to other parts of my body. He gave me a referral to a head and neck surgeon across town to have them look at the scan results and see what they think. I may very well end up with another, even longer scar on my neck going up towards my ear. I had hoped that the original surgery and iodine radiation would have been the end of it, besides, of course, the pills I'll have to take every day for the rest of my life. (In this crazy world we live in now, what if something happens to the supply chain of this type of medicine?)  The thing is, I feel fine. These lymph nodes aren't big enough to be seen, and neither I nor the doctor can feel them. If it weren't for the imaging technology, I would never have known anyth

Public Spaces vs Private Spaces

This morning as I was tidying up the house, I noticed the growing pile of one of my son's things around the recliner in the living room. While annoyed at the clutter, I realized that as I was gathering other belongings of his in the living room and dining areas, I was tempted to add them to his pile next to the recliner rather than dumping them in his bedroom as I generally do. Somehow that corner of the living room had become "his." I started pondering why this bothered me so much, and in the process, began pondering what the concepts of "public" and "private" spaces mean to me.  You may be questioning why I am the one gathering his things from around the house. I wondered that too, but I think this also has to do with the fact that he is at work all day today, and my perception of  public and private spaces. Rather than work on my quilt today, I decided to make a (close to) scale drawing of my home as an illustration for the following representation

CT Scan

 This morning I got to go in for a CT scan. As I mentioned in a recent post  (scroll to the very end), there is evidence that I still have some thyroid cells left over from the surgery that may or may not be cancerous. My doctors thought I should have a CT scan to investigate further, so that happened this morning. When I scheduled the appointment for 9am, the lady told me that since the scan was with contrast,  I was to hydrate really well the day before and that I shouldn't eat or drink anything for at least 4 hours preceding the appointment. When I mentioned that I take my pills at 5:30am, she said that was okay as long as I took them with distilled water. A couple days ago I bought some distilled water for the purpose, but the smallest quantity I could buy it in was a gallon... to take two tiny pills.  This morning, in spite of having drunk about 12 cups of water yesterday, I woke up feeling parched and thirsty. The 1/2 cup of distilled water I took to wash down my pills tasted

Abra Cadaver!

 Last night, Peter performed in Northglenn High School's one acts, in a show entitled "Abra Cadaver." He played the part of Jack Marsh, a man with a heart condition who pops pills like m&ms and washes them down with alcohol. His sister-in-law has convinced him to help murder his wife, her sister, via a magic act. The plan is: at a masquerade party he would convince his wife to step into a box, into which they would insert knives, thus resulting in an unfortunate "accident". Clues start appearing however that show that not everything is as it seems. By the end, Peter has enacted his own death - twice! You can view the program, with Peter's bio  here . Scene 1: Jack and his sister-in-law, plotting Scene 3: Jack and his lawyer, lamenting the deaths of his wife and her sister  After the show, Jack in disguise

I'm fine.

 If you ask me how I'm doing, I'll tell you I'm fine. And I'm not lying. I am fine. Some things are great, and some things could be better, but overall, everything is fine. A couple weeks ago, Steven flew to Idaho and then helped Hannah drive home at the end of her semester at BYU-Idaho. It has been a joy to have her with us, but tomorrow she is heading off to Portugal for an unspecified amount of time. I can't remember if I've written much about Moroni. Moroni was one of Hannah's district leaders when she was a missionary in Brazil. They really hit it off, and when Hannah returned home from her mission in March 2020, they kept in close touch. He finished his mission a few months later, and they continued to develop a relationship, with Hannah here in the States and him in his hometown of Recife, Brazil. Hannah has travelled to Brazil twice since then to spend time with him. Several months ago he moved to Porto, Portugal to work, and so now Hannah is heading

The Jumping Sheep

 Once upon a time, there was a sheep who loved to jump fences. He loved the satisfying smack he heard when he landed on the far side of the fence, and sometimes he would land so hard that he kind of bounced when he landed. So he would jump up high, and then come down as hard as he could on the other side of the fence. Can you pretend your hand is the sheep? Hold your hand a little way out to the side of your body, lift him up as high as your head and then make him drop straight down right in front of you. The ground is about even with your waist.  The farmer got tired of having to go find this sheep when he jumped over the fence out of the field where he lived, so he built some smaller fences that he could put in a circle inside the field so the sheep could jump these fences and go around and around until he got tired and stopped.  Once again, can you pretend your hand is the sheep? Make him go up and down and up and down as he jumps the little fences in his field. (Remember to alwa

Family Resemblance

 Have you ever taken a picture of yourself and looking at it, realized how much you look like your parents? I had my hair cut last week and this morning I thought I'd take a selfie to show folks my new hair do. And yes, I am definitely my parents' daughter.