Car Troubles

 Earlier this month on a Thursday afternoon, Steven and I headed to Idaho to pick up Hannah from school and bring her home for the summer. It was an enjoyable drive with just the two of us. We spent that night at a hotel in Rock Springs and continued on our way, arriving in Rexburg in time to help Hannah load her stuff into our car and take a walk while she and her roommates finished cleaning the apartment for inspection. We had lunch there and then started the drive home.  Late in the afternoon, Steven was driving along the I-80 when I glanced over and noticed that the tire pressure light was on. I asked Steven about it and he shrugged. It didn't seem to be a problem. A short time later there was a bit of a jolt and a thumping noise: we had a flat tire. Steven pulled over and we climbed out of the car to inspect the damage. Yes, it was definitely flat. Hannah volunteered to change it, although Steven helped with instructions and jacking the car up. When the tire came off, there wa

Snow Storm 2021

 The warning came early in the week: a snow storm was on its way and it was going to be a big one. They said it would arrive on Friday, but it didn't. We awoke Saturday morning hoping for a blanket of white, but there was nothing. All day Saturday we waited. Some snow fell, but there was not enough to even cover the grass. Where was the big storm? Where was the blizzard that had been predicted? Was it a case of "much ado about nothing"?  Our first winter here in Colorado there was a huge snowstorm and we expected every winter to have storms like that... Later we found out that storm, in March of 2003 was the second biggest snowstorm the Denver area had ever had. This storm was supposed to come close to that, if it ever actually arrived. Finally, that evening, it began. Sunday morning it was snowing. It fell and it fell hard. Church was cancelled and we cozied up at home. We listened to church music as Steven baked pies (for pi day) and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle. Every f

Valentine's Day 2021

  I love my sweet husband. He always helps me to feel very loved. From writing me love notes  to emptying the dishwasher every morning, and from taking me on dates every week to telling me I'm beautiful frequently, he never lets me feel unloved. He is amazing!!!  This year for Valentine's Day he made a scrumptious strawberry cheesecake (from scratch!).  He also gave me roses - a living plant so I can enjoy them longer than just a week or two.  I couldn't ask for a sweeter husband!!!

Loving God with All your Heart

(Here is the talk that I gave today in Sacrament Meeting.) Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day has been described as a day to celebrate love. It is an occasion to express our love for family, friends and sweethearts through our actions and care.  For some that may mean roses and chocolates. For others it may be gifts, time spent together, acts of service, love notes, things that bring us closer together.  A lawyer once asked the Savior, “ Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.” It is this commandment to love God with all thy heart that I would like to speak of today. I think most of us know what it means to love someone. Love is an intense feeling of appreciation. It implies commitment and connection. It is a lasting bond between two people. The heart is another symbol of Valentine's day. The heart represent

Candle Dance

 If you were going to compose a piece of music to represent some aspect of fire, what aspect would you choose? Would it be a raging forest fire? A blazing bonfire? A crackling campfire? I admit I was a bit overwhelmed with the idea of composing a fire song. I wanted something that had some image of fire. It had to show fire's energy, complexity and spontaneity, but I also wanted it to be something I could play. So I chose the image of a small flickering candle, with its glowing flame dancing brightly in the dark.  Of the four elements I wrote songs for, this one was the most challenging for me. I came up with a basic melody only after much thought, but even then, figuring out where it would go from there was a challenge. More than once I scrapped everything I had besides that basic melody and started again. Here is what I have now.

Tomorrow Will Be Better

Here is the third piece of music that I came up with in the last few months. When I first started working on "I Wish That I Could Fly", I called it my "air" song. "Listen to the River" started out as my "water" song. At about that point, I was asked if I planned to do songs for stone and fire, too. At first the idea seemed overwhelming, but when my first two pieces of music reached a certain point, I started considering what music for one of these other elements would sound like.  Stone is solid and strong. It provides a foundation; it is a support; it can give shelter. With these thoughts in mind, I composed "Tomorrow Will Be Better". A sub-title for this song might be "So Lean Upon the Rock". When the storms of life beat down and seem overwhelming, take shelter on the lee side of the rock when you must, but plant yourself on a firm foundation and you will gain the strength you need to carry on. (See Helaman 5:12 )

Listen To The River

Shortly after I started composing "I Wish That I Could Fly", I began another song, which I call "Listen to the River". I found that working on two songs gave me a chance to alternate which I was working on. If I got frustrated with one, I could switch to the other, and when I came back to the first, I had a fresh perspective that helped me to move forward. The two songs had different time signatures, different keys and different moods that helped give me some variety as well. The image in my head for this song was of someone relaxing on the bank of a river watching the light reflect off the ripples. Sometimes the water rushes over waterfalls and rapids, and sometimes it slows down and drifts, but it is always progressing on its journey to the sea. Again, I am posting it here for your enjoyment, but I reserve the right to make changes in the future if I feel so inclined.😉