Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Snow Storm 2021

 The warning came early in the week: a snow storm was on its way and it was going to be a big one. They said it would arrive on Friday, but it didn't. We awoke Saturday morning hoping for a blanket of white, but there was nothing. All day Saturday we waited. Some snow fell, but there was not enough to even cover the grass. Where was the big storm? Where was the blizzard that had been predicted? Was it a case of "much ado about nothing"? 

Our first winter here in Colorado there was a huge snowstorm and we expected every winter to have storms like that... Later we found out that storm, in March of 2003 was the second biggest snowstorm the Denver area had ever had. This storm was supposed to come close to that, if it ever actually arrived.

Finally, that evening, it began. Sunday morning it was snowing. It fell and it fell hard. Church was cancelled and we cozied up at home. We listened to church music as Steven baked pies (for pi day) and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle. Every few hours Steven or one of the boys would go outside to shovel the walkway in an attempt to keep it relatively clear from the driving snow. All day we watched the heavy wet snow pile higher and higher.

John came back in from shoveling coated in snow and ice.

The newspaper claimed this was Denver's fourth largest snowstorm ever and I believe it. By Monday morning the snow had stopped falling. I went out to clear the walk once again and to take pictures while the snow was still relatively smooth. I love that look of clean, smooth snow. 

The snow in front of our house was 22 inches deep!

Interestingly, the cars didn't have a lot of snow on top of them, probably because of all the wind. It did take a while to get them dug out from the snow the plows had pushed to the sides of the road.

I love how the snow from the roof slid down the icicles!

Here is the path on the north side of our house. I was grateful that we had shoveled this walk multiple times during the storm. It would have been crazy trying to get out if we hadn't!

Another cool, but dangerous looking icicle.

Our back patio seemed dark since the snow sliding down from the roof met the snow piling up on the fence and blocked all the light.

Even the bikes inside the patio had caps of snow.

We managed to get pretty much dug out on Monday. Other people weren't as fortunate and because so many sidewalks and roads were still unsafe, if not completely impassable Monday afternoon, school was cancelled for Tuesday as well as Monday. 

Did the boys go out and build snowmen? Build snow forts? Have snowball fights? Well, at least one snowball was thrown. Under duress, the boys helped with the shoveling. Is it just an age thing that my boys no longer enjoy playing in the snow? Hannah sent a photo of the beautiful spring day she enjoyed in Rexburg.

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