Fathers' Day and Peter's Birthday

The day Steven first became a dad

This year, Peter's birthday coincided with Father's Day, but both Peter and Steven were good sports about sharing their special day. 

The morning began with the kids getting up early to make breakfast (quiche that was nearly saturated with bacon, and cinnamon rolls) for Steven before he had to leave for a meeting.

At church, John gave an awesome talk about gratitude (It wasn't written down anywhere so I can't post it here... sorry.) All the men folk were given packages with microwave popcorn and Kit Kats in honor of Father's Day. 

Peter's first birthday
After a dinner of lasagna (Peter's choice) we opened presents. Steven opened his gift first (a set of knives) and then Peter opened his gifts which included bow ties, a couple card games, a game for his DS, and microwave popcorn.

Here is a video Josh took of Peter opening one of his presents. 

Once all the gifts were opened, Peter blew out the candles on a pie (one of Steven's favorite desserts) that Hannah made for the occasion. 

Here is the pie Hannah made yesterday... It's blueberry!

I'm grateful for the many men in my life - from my Dad and brothers to my husband and sons. I'm grateful for the lessons they have taught me and the joy that they have brought into my life.


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