Trek 2022

 Earlier this summer (June 23-25) Peter got to accompany our stake on Trek, a brief reenactment of the pioneers crossing the plains to the Salt Lake valley. Yesterday the pictures that were taken on Trek were made available. (The youth weren't supposed to bring cameras or phones, so these pictures were taken by professional photographers.) These are the pictures I could find that included Peter:

Ok, this one doesn't actually show Peter, but it does show the beautiful landscape in Wyoming where he was...

He is actually in this one although he's a bit hard to find. This was taken during the "women's pull", when they have just the women pull the handcarts up a long slope as the men stand by and watch. 

Independence Rock

hanging out in camp

with his Trek family

river crossing

ditto, but in this one you can actually see his face

Square dancing. (He's in there somewhere.)

Pulling the handcart along the trail

A little closer... (You can't see his face, but he's the one in the purple hoodie, of course.)

I can't see him in this one either, but I assume he's in the column somewhere. I love the clouds in so many of these pictures!


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