25th Anniversary Hawaii Trip Photo Dump

For our 25th wedding anniversary, Steven and I took a trip to Hawaii. Here are some of the pictures we took. 
While waiting at the airport for our flight. I made a little friend to make some of our pictures more interesting.

At the beach in Waikiki

Steven was really impressed by the huge Banyan trees. 

I love how all the statues were wearing leis!

The sunsets were gorgeous!

One day we went up to see the temple in Laie.

We visited the Polynesian Cultural Center there too, which was awesome! 

This is the view from our balcony in Honolulu. That is Waikiki beach on the right.

On Sunday we attended church at the tabernacle in Honolulu. It is a beautiful building and we were informed it was the last tabernacle built by the Church.

Here are a couple views from the Tantalus lookout. 

Our visit to Pearl Harbor was a sobering experience.

After spending a few days in Oahu, we took a short flight to Kawai, where we spent the remainder of our visit. One of our favorite things about Kawai are the chickens that are everywhere, just wandering around.

Kauai had a lot more relaxing vibe. This picture was taken from a quiet beach just a short walk from our hotel.

more chickens

We spent some time just driving around seeing some of the beautiful sights in Kawai. 

and more chickens

We even went on a short hike.

and even more chickens!

It was a very nice and relaxing vacation. I really enjoyed getting to spend that time with Steven in such a beautiful place.


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