Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sloth Sweater

Peter got a sloth for Christmas. I knitted the sweater this month. 
Now Peter wants a matching one for himself. 

Why would Santa hide his gift under my bed?

 What do you do when it is January 27th and you find a Christmas gift for someone else, still wrapped, hiding under your bed?  (Has this ever happened to you?)

A Treacherous Journey

Mincing steps on ice
Will we ever get to school?
Step, slip, slide, skate, fall!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Spelling Bee

On Wednesday evening, Peter participated in his school spelling bee. He might have told me about it beforehand, but I didn't remember. It was that day as we were walking home from school that he dashed over to talk to a friend and then came back to tell me, "The spelling bee is tonight at 6 in the library."

"Six? That's dinner time!" I said. And usually Hannah and John's play rehearsal get out at six. And Wednesdays there is youth activities at the church. I'm not a person who likes having unexpected events thrown on me at the last minute. I was not thrilled.

But we went anyway. Hannah and John got out of rehearsal early so that wasn't an issue. I got dinner mostly ready and John agreed to watch it. Peter and I set off for the school.

There were only about twelve contestants in all, I don't know how many students qualified, but there were a lot of empty seats. Peter was contestant #17, but was only about 8th in line. There was a practice round, and then the competition began. Peter stayed in through several rounds, gradually inching his way up towards the first seat. He spelled "banana" and was disappointed when someone else got to spell "monkeys". He spelled "married", "contestant",  and several other words. In the end, he got out trying to spell "clodhopper". (He spelled it "claudhopper".) By that point, he was in third place and now he gets to go on to the district spelling bee which will be in a couple weeks. Maybe he'll actually practice for that one!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


John's haiku for today
What is this I hear?
Vivaldi's Four Seasons play.
Ahhh, Sweet Symphony.

What is it about haiku that is so appealing? I'm not sure, but I think it is the simplicity of it. How can you portray a feeling, a mood, a revelation, in just seventeen syllables? We have a white board on our piano that is perfect for writing a message, a thought, a haiku.

First, Steven wrote one.
Today, John wrote another.
Who will write one next?

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Request

He stares at me with those penetrating green eyes. Feeling uncomfortable I ask him, "What?"

"Meow." he says.

"What?" I ask again, not understanding.

"Meow!" He repeats. He starts to walk towards the kitchen, then looks back to make sure I'm following. As I follow him, he continues to chastise and complain. "Meow... Meeeow...Miaow... Meow!"

He leads me to his food dish, then looks at me again. "Meow!" he demands.

"What?!" I ask him again. "I just filled it an hour ago! You can't see the bottom, and even the water is fresh!" Earlier that morning I had filled the food dish, fished out the pipe cleaners that somehow always land in the water dish, dumped the dirty water out, and refilled that dish with fresh, cool water. What more did he want me to do?

"Meow!" He insisted.

Rolling my eyes, I bent over and shook his food dish a little. The dry food shifted position slightly.

"Whatever." I said, walking away. As I looked back, he was finally contentedly eating his breakfast. Silly cat.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

This morning as I was waking my younger boys for school, I had a flashback from my childhood:

This picture (found on Google) shows how
 I remember that alarm clock looking.
Andy, Andy, please wake up! It's time to call our friends!
Okay, Ann, I'm awake, lets shout it once again.
We were sent to wake you, so here we are to say,
Please get up, brush your teeth and have a happy day!
*ding dong*
Andy, Andy, please wake up...

This was the talking alarm clock from my youth, featuring Raggedy Ann and Andy. While a little bit annoying when I was trying to get a few minutes extra sleep, I remember repeatedly playing it during the day, just to hear them talk. I imagine it must have driven my family crazy.