Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Busy Week as a Single Mom

It's Saturday. Some time today, Steven should return home from the Scout canoe trip he's been on since early Monday morning. I haven't heard a thing from or about him, so I assume that he's okay. I hope he's having fun.

This week has passed kind of quickly actually. We've kept busy for the most part doing something or other and nothing too disastrous has happened. On Monday we went visiting teaching, to the park and swimming. On Tuesday we borrowed some movies and had a movie day at home. On Wednesday I had two visiting teaching appointments, then we went to the park and that night John had scouts. On Thursday we took Abish to the vet, and later we went to the library and then swimming. Yesterday (Friday) was spent shopping. We made our menu plan for August, from that we made up a shopping list, then we went to Sam's Club, came home and unloaded, then went to Walmart to complete the shopping as well as pick up school supplies for the coming school year. With four kids in school this year, it was rather expensive. I was happy that I only lost Peter once, for a few minutes. I don't like taking all the kids shopping with me, but I didn't have a lot of choice - it was either yesterday or today, and either way I was going to have to take them with me. Today so far we've been cleaning house, except for Peter, who last I checked, wasn't even dressed yet. What am I going to do with him???

I don't know what time Steven will get home today; I imagine sometime between lunch and dinner, but I'm sure when he does get home he's going to shower and then probably sleep the rest of the day. I look forward to having him really "with" us again. He has stressed about this canoe trip for almost two months now; I hope he can relax now that it's over.

Monday, July 19, 2010

John's Birthday

Yesterday was John's birthday. He turned 9. Before church (We have church at 1pm so we had plenty of time) I baked his cake and then covered it with a towel to cool while we were at church. (I once left a cake uncovered to cool... only to have a cat lick a bare spot on it! ) Church went as normal. I taught sharing time in Primary, and during our closing exercises we got to sing a birthday song to John.

We returned home to decorate the cake, pop a pizza in the oven (purchased the day before at Sam's Club) and eat dinner.
decorating the cake

After dinner, John opened his presents, including several packs of origami paper, a deck of cards, a couple books, homemade "Pretty Pink Pony" wrapping paper (compliments of Hannah), a tackle box and lock (for protecting his stuff from his little brothers) and a bat and balls. Later we sang Happy Birthday and ate our snowman cake and ice cream. John blew out his candles in two blows... the first one didn't count though, because he didn't blow out a single candle. The second blow got them all!John displays his gifts

The completed snowman cake

Blowing out the candles

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Latest Web Project

Over the last few days I added a page to my website just for my kids. There aren't any links to it from anywhere else on the site yet, but my kids have all made it their homepage. I thought I'd share.

It has links to sites my children enjoy going to online, as well as a few other sites they could check out. Most of them have some educational benefits. They include sites for Hannah and John (like a that has games about solar systems and stuff) as well as sites with activities Peter can do. (like There is a link to the Friend activity page as well as a MAD LIBS Widget that they can do right on the page. I plan to add sites to it as I find ones I think my children will like.

So, I was wondering if any of those who read this know of any fun, age appropriate sites I could add to it. Yes, I've tried Google, but there are so many options there, it's going to take me a while to find the good ones. I'd like to know what sites those of you with kids let your kids go to and play. If you know of any, please email me, or add a comment to this post. Feel free to let your children bookmark the page if they would be interested too.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun with Modeling Clay

Yesterday, looking for something to do, we pulled out the modeling clay and started sculpting. Hannah, always the artist, created an entire family! I was very impressed.

This is the entire family.

These are the parents.

These are the children. Notice the girl licking an ice cream cone and the baby with the rattle!

What a talented daughter I've got!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just for Fun Quiz

I was cleaning out a file cabinet and came across this old geometry quiz. The kids and I had fun figuring out the answers. The answers are below, but try to figure them out before you peek! No actual knowledge of geometry is required. (Warning: these require some imagination and disregard for spelling, grammar, and the like.)

Match the correct term to its description:

1. That which Noah built.
2. An Article for serving ice cream
3. What a bloodhound does in chasing a woman
4. An expression to represent the loss of a parrot
5. An appropriate title for a knight named Koll
6. A sunburned man
7. A tall coffee pot perking
8. What one does when it rains
9. A small dog sitting in a refrigerator
10. What a boy does on the lake when his boat's motor won't run
11. What you call a person who writes for a hotel
12. What the captain said when his boat was bombed
13. What a little acorn says when he grows up
14. What one does to trees that are in the way
15. What you do if you have yarn and needles
16. Can George Washington turn into a country?
A. Perpendicular
B. Inscribe
C. Decagon
D. Center
E. Hypotenuse
F. Cone
G. Co-secant
H. Coincide
I. Axiom
J. Polygon
K. Tangent
L. Geometry
M. Circle
N. Arc
O. Unit
P. Hero

Answers: (I've put in some explanatory bits after some of the more obscure answers. Hopefully you'll get it without the explanation, but I put it in just in case. Let me know if there are others I should clarify.) 1N, 2F, 3D(Scent her), 4J, 5M, 6K, 7E(High pot in use), 8H, 9A(This one is probably the biggest stretch: Pup in the cooler), 10P, 11B, 12C(Deck all gone), 13L(My personal favorite, Gee! I'm a tree!), 14I, 15O, 16G(Course he can't!)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I am NOT HAPPY!!! I went to take a picture today and discovered that someone broke my camera!!! It looks like someone hit the LCD screen on the back with something sharp and hard. When I turn on the camera, it looks cracked in the middle with black streaks radiating out from the center. I can still turn it on and I can still take pictures, and download them to the computer, but I can't see what I'm taking a picture of (there's no view window), and I can't see what I'm doing to change any of the menu options. Grrrr! We didn't need another big expense. (We already replaced the fridge and dishwasher this year!) We'll probably have to live with it for now... but can I repeat? I am NOT HAPPY!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Days

I'm way overdue for an update, but it's been hard to find the time this summer.

The week after our South Dakota Adventure was busy. John had Cub Scout Day Camp that week. I was busy unpacking, cleaning, doing laundry, enjoying Kristy and Family's visit, and on Friday of that week I got to leave the other three kids with a friend while I went to help out with the day camp. That was fun. Since it was the last day, the boys got to shoot off rockets that they had made earlier in the week. They pounded stamps into leather, learned about putting up and taking down tents, learned how to play some volley ball, and played dodge ball. The challenge was keeping track of the boys' water bottles and making sure they were all drinking enough in the hot sun. John and I ended up leaving a little early, and I'm glad we did: at the time that they were supposed to let out, a summer storm had arrived and it was pouring rain and hailing!

The following week we were finally able to settle into a regular summer schedule. We get the kids up around 7am for family prayer and scripture reading. Then we have breakfast and Steven leaves for work. Then we figure out how to get the chores done for the day. Lately we've been listing what fun things we want to do that day, and then listing the work that needs to be done before we can do those fun things, and then we set the timer and see how fast we can do what we need to do. Some days this has worked out better than others. We have been to the park several times, and we've been to the pool almost every day.

The kids are getting really good at swimming. Hannah, John and Joshua are all good enough swimmers that they can retrieve diving rings from the bottom of the deep end of the pool (9 feet). They frequently have contests to see who can make the biggest/smallest/funniest splash. Peter is proficient with his floaties, but doesn't have the courage to take them off yet.

Last Thursday we got our chores done and hopped into the car to go to the library, but when I turned the key in the ignition, nothing happened. I ended up renewing the things that were due at the library. We walked to the pool instead. Steven tried to jump start the car when he got home from work, but ended up buying a new battery so we could get to John's Rain gutter Regatta Pack Meeting that evening. We made it on time and had fun.

Another day the kids discovered a box of Steven's old Legos and pulled them out. We spent several hours playing with them, sorting them, building the train set and setting it up on the kitchen floor. The kids had fun watching the train go around the track, and seeing what happened to the little Lego people they stuck on the cars. One of the cars (the caboose) had sliding doors, and the kids loaded it up with Lego men, then made the train go fast, trying to make the people fly out of it. The kids also discovered that leaning off the front of the train can be a safer place to be than inside the caboose when the train is moving.

So we're having fun, getting exercise and tans, reading books and enjoying our summer.