Monday, April 15, 2019

A Pain in the }@(&

Last week I spent a couple days helping an older couple in our ward pack up their stuff for their impending move to Wyoming. I was at their home for about four hours on Thursday and another four hours on Friday. Saturday morning I bent over to pick up some cat barf on the floor of our living room, and suddenly my lower back was in pain.

I probably should have rested it more that day. I stretched it. I took a long walk. I participated in a stake service project - assembling meals for Feeding Children Everywhere. But I think I just made it worse.

On Sunday I did a little more resting - outside the five hours I spent at church, but even most of that time was spent sitting. (Church services are only two hours. The other three hours were because I was invited to attend the last 15 minutes of bishopric meeting, so I went to church with Steven (he is the ward clerk) and hung out for the first 45 minutes. Then I had ward council, and then close to an hour between when that meeting let out and Sacrament Meeting began. After Relief Society, a couple older sisters who had noticed my grimace as I stood to conduct the meeting came to me with a plethora of advice about exercises or other treatments that might help.

Now it is Monday, and it is still sore. It hurts to stand up or sit down. I sent Peter off to school on his own this morning rather than walking with him as I usually do. If the ground were level between here and there I might have gone with him, but it is downhill to the school and uphill back home, and my back isn't handling slopes very well.

I'm trying to rotate between standing, sitting and lying down, because if I do any one for too long I seem to stiffen up and it hurts. I put ice on it. I take ibuprofen. I do pelvic tilts and walk around the house. Steven has massaged it. I don't know what else to do besides wait for it to heal. And I'm sure it will heal eventually.

This isn't the first time I strained my back. I've had issues with my back since my late teens. (I think it's hereditary - I remember my dad having issues with his back from time to time.) I actually held them off for a long time when I was doing Pilates regularly, but my schedule changed this school year and I stopped doing the Pilates, so now I'm suffering the consequences. I think once I'm healed completely I'll have to figure out how to work them back into my schedule, because this really isn't fun.

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