Monday, July 1, 2019

Jellystone Hiatt Family Reunion 2019

Day 1
We woke up 3:00am and drove From Denver, CO to Fort Worth, TX. It was a long drive, and we were grateful that we had four drivers to take a turn at the wheel.

Arrived at Jellystone park in the late afternoon, in time for dinner. 

Besides Grandma Kathy and Grandpa John, Steven's Grandma Maureen was there... well as three of Steven's four siblings with their families. His youngest brother decided to go to Florida with his wife's family instead. Go figure. 

Day 2
In the morning we spent some time playing in a little park area.

In the afternoon we went to the waterpark.

The boys went down the crazy death slides, while I preferred the lazy river.

That evening we relaxed with the family.

Also that evening, John made a special announcement.

Day 3 
We went to see Steven's brother's new house in another part of Ft Worth. The boys helped him build a shelf for his garage, Steven tried to ride his niece's unicycle, and then we went out to lunch. 

We returned to the park in the afternoon and after a short rest we were able to visit an escape room. This was a lot of fun, and although we failed to escape in the time allotted, we were told afterwards that no one had solved it all yet, but we had gotten the farthest of any group that had tried! 

That evening we celebrated Peter and his cousin's birthdays. 

Also that evening, we took family pictures.

 Day 4
We got up early, although not as early as we got up Monday, loaded up the car and headed for home.

Our trip was a lot of fun. We enjoyed spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We saw a couple states most of us hadn't been to before (Texas, and we drove through Oklahoma's panhandle on the way home.) 

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