Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Change of Employment

Guest post by Steven Hiatt

When I started work at my current job my boss was a guy named Kevin. He left the company a little over a year ago but in early January he reached out to me and offered to take me to lunch to "catch up". At that lunch he told me about the new place he is working at and about the people that are working there and in the course of the conversation mentioned that they had a need for someone with my skills and would I even be open to leaving MDC? I have been at my current job for over six years now and for the most part I have liked the job. I liked having Kevin for a boss, but the boss I have now I feel doesn't understand what I do or what my skills are. Plus I work on the other side of town which usually means about 45 minutes to an hour commute each way. The office where Kevin now works? About three miles from my house.

So I told him I would at least be interested in hearing what they had to say and so Kevin organized an interview with me and the CFO. Of all the job interviews I've had in my life this one was the least stressful. It was also the first where the company reached out to me instead of me applying to them. It made it more casual just like a conversation where he talked about the company and the things they were doing and I talked about some of my experiences and what I like doing. It was not a typical stuffy interview where they ask you a bunch of questions while you try to sell yourself. I hate that.

A week after the first interview I came back and met two other people from the company - the manager I would be reporting to and another guy in the department. It would basically be the three of us doing a lot of the financial reporting, creating dashboards, coming up with forecast models and other stuff. Again the interviews were very casual and I got along great with both of them and they seemed to like what I had to say.

The company is Concrete Pumping Holdings which operates Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping and some other concrete related businesses. They are the largest operator of their kind in the US and even have locations in the UK. They just went public a year ago and are growing, so they need more manpower in their finance department and so that is where I come in. I would be doing similar work to what I'm doing now, but also have opportunity to do some more stuff that I want to do but at my current work is done by a different department.

Last week they offered me the job and I accepted. The salary is comparable to what I am currently making, but the big benefit will be less time spent driving to and from work. I will have more time in the mornings and evenings to do other stuff. I'll save a ton on gas. And if I don't want to drive, there is a bike path that goes from the park near our house to right across the street from the new office - almost all downhill on the way there and then I can get some exercise on the ride home. I can't wait.

So right now my last day at my current job will be February 21, and I will take off the last week of February to do some projects around the house. I will start my new job the first week of March.

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