Monday, March 23, 2020

Preparing for Quarantines

I'm feeling the need to write, to document my thoughts and feelings right now, but it is hard to figure out exactly what those feeling are. Things have changed so fast that my thoughts are still whirling. There are so many things I feel like I need to figure out, and I don't know what to do. Two weeks ago, who would have guessed that I would be preparing for both my missionary children to be returning home?

We received word Sunday night that missionaries from the US currently serving in Brazil will be returned to their home country. Those who are within 180 days of their release date (Hannah) will return home and be released. Those with more than 180 days left (John) will return home for two weeks quarantine, after which they will be temporarily reassigned to a mission in the US. Hopefully that means that he will be able to return to Brazil once the corona virus threat has passed. It will pass, right?

We've been given instructions for the returning missionaries' quarantine:
Parents or guardians should go to the airport alone to meet a returning missionary and practice safe social distancing while there. That way, the missionary is able to properly begin self-isolation. Upon returning home, missionaries should strictly follow the self-isolation recommendations of the CDC, which include limiting contact with others and avoiding leaving their homes for any reason. They are encouraged to stay in a well-ventilated room, preferably alone. If that isn't possible, the missionary should stay six feet away from others in the room. They should use good hygiene and regularly wash their hands. If a missionary develops any symptoms of a respiratory illness, they should contact a local health provider.
We ask families, friends and community members to help support and encourage missionaries to follow these guidelines to help prevent any potential spread of illness and to keep missionaries and those around them safe.
How do we do this? Giving Hannah her old room back won't be a big problem, but that leaves the three boys in the other bedroom... where it will be hard to stay six feet away from each other.  The room is about 12' x 8', but with three boys in there? Yeah, that's not likely to work. If John stood in the middle of the room, no one else could be in the room with him.

Would it be bad to put Hannah and John both in the same room to be quarantined together for those two weeks? We could put the two of them in the bigger bedroom with two windows so better ventilation, and put Josh and Peter on the bunk beds in the smaller bedroom. If they were the same gender, that would be perfect... but they're not.

The other possibility as I see it is isolating the entire family and for most of us that wouldn't be too hard... but Steven tried working at home for a week and he was so sore from the poor conditions in his "home office" that he gave up and today he sneaked back to his office to work there. At home he just doesn't have the leg room, desk height, comfortable chair support, monitors, privacy, or whatever other resources he needs to be comfortable working for any sustained length of time. 

Am I over thinking this? What to do? What to do?

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